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Here’s my amusing story for today. When my daughter and I travel to research for my novels, we try to do as the main character does. We buy plane tickets at the last minute, on sale, and make no reservations. We really do fly by the seats of our pants. Because of this, we have many amazing adventures and experiences. We just happened upon the Ballinasloe horse fair in Ireland. Talk about equine sensory overload! As we came into the village, there was a traveller boy trotting in front of the bus, in the middle of the lane! There were horses everywhere! On the sidewalks, tied to ‘horse boxes’ (trailers) that were parked half on the road, half on the sidewalk, and in the centre valley of the village, wall to wall equines! Never mind ‘Where’s Waldo’, this was the sight that welcomed us. There was all sorts of horse trading going on, a sales ring and multiple events. As we wandered through the masses of horses, donkeys and mules of every size and shape, we wished we could take more than one home with us. We were also very mindful of the red ribbons tied in tails here and there. I suppose, the warning that a horse kicks, is universal. Eventually, we wandered to the midway, where the usual rides and vendors were, but what boggled our minds and really made us yearn, were the vendors of horse equipment. Anything you could ever want or need, or didn’t need but wanted anyway, was there. A few were doing auctions, and there were harness choices galore, never mind everything else. From the traveller and gypsy caravans to new horse transport, it was all to be seen at the fair. Next time, we’ll be prepared, and won’t have to keep our hands in our pockets. Next time, we’ll go for a few days and get lost in the week long event! Of course the fair made it into the first novels. Was there any doubt? Lol

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Trudy Andrew lives on a small farm just east of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she enjoys her Morgan horses. A dreamer since she was a child, its no surprise to those who know her well that her imagination would find an outlet in writing, as it has in the past through artwork.
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