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Foal Tales

The Magic of Kids

When I was a kid myself, I wasn’t amazed when horses, especially foals, came over to see me. I was, quite simply, estatic. I was born a horse fanatic, and when my parents bought a place in the country, I was over the moon with happiness. Surely, moving to the country equalled a pony for me. Well, I never got my pony, not then anyway, yet in the neighbour’s pasture, there were often beautiful, big mares, with their leggy foals. I wasn’t allowed to crawl under the fence, to go see them, but there was nothing stopping me, from beckoning them over. Everyone has heard the saying, grass is greener on the other side. Luckily for me, it was as true back then, as it is today. Those big, warmblood mares, were easily enticed over by handfuls of grass.
It wasn’t until I had my own kidlets that I really understood, what brought those mares over to me. Sure, they were more than likely, interested in my offering, but more than that, they were curious about me. Kidlets intrigue horses. There’s something about little people that horses can’t resist. Maybe it’s because, small humans pose little to no threat, or have a scent that says innocent. Whatever the reason, I became aware of the fact that many, not all, but many horses, will go to a child, where they would’ve evaded an adult.
Of course, I never used the kidlets as ‘catch bait’ often, and only with horses I knew wouldn’t purposely injure them along with necessary caution, but darn, they were great at catching horses, especially my little girlchild. Given a choice of going to an adult, or even a different child, the horses and foals would always choose sweetpea. I can’t count the times I would quietly say, “clip the lead on, or can you hold her there long enough for me to come up?”
She loved to help catch horses, and the great beasts would walk right to her. Their undeniable interest in her, simply made life so much easier. Back then, many of the horses here on the farm, weren’t born or raised here. The horses we have now, come running when we call. Back then, some weren’t that easy to catch, particularly in the first months after coming here.
Kidlet talents, weren’t restricted to the mature horses either. Baby horses like kidlets. Sweetpea couldn’t seem to stay out of the pastures of mares and foals, yet that wasn’t such a bad thing. She knew to be careful, and to not completely trust playful foals, and they did become easier to handle because of the attention. Both kids loved patting the foals, but sweetpea couldn’t seem to leave them alone. She’d hug horses, sit on horses, including mountain climbing the giant draft, Tom. That girl spent a good deal of time, just being with horses.
As she grew, of course she wanted to do more. She wanted to help, to ride, to do everything and anything, and she was allowed to, within reason. I can clearly remember my little girlchild, being towed along behind a rambunctious foal, and more than once. That stubborn child of mine, never let go. She might end up skiing on her heels a bit, or end up on her little butt … let go? Never!
To be born with a fascination with horses, is something I’m very familiar with. Being able to nurture and encourage it in my child, has been my joy.

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Trudy Andrew lives on a small farm just east of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she enjoys her Morgan horses. A dreamer since she was a child, its no surprise to those who know her well that her imagination would find an outlet in writing, as it has in the past through artwork.
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