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Lucky Jim Update

Life gets busy, and I just realized that it’s been a while, since I last updated, Lucky Jim’s progress. In a nutshell, he’s doing pretty, darn great. Though there are little glitches where he has some sort of bad flashback, some awful memory that causes him to raise his head high with worry, those are few and far between. All it takes, is a few soft words of comfort, coupled with patience, and the moment passes. He always comes when called now, often with excited exuberance. He knows when it’s senior feed time, and will often be listening with anticipation.
Bit by bit, that spotty horse is beginning to slowly relax and trust. He knows the sound of the water truck, and comes to check what’s going on. He knows that there’s a person that goes with that sound, and he’s figured out that we’re good. We mean good things, tasty things, usually anyway. It makes our hearts happy, whenever he behaves like our other horses do. Sure, he’s not in our pockets yet, but he snuffles our feet and legs, in the cutest way.
The girlchild and I, had just finished working on the fenceline at the front of the front pasture, when we noticed that Jim and Aurora were at opposite ends of the pasture they’re sharing. Immediately concerned, sweetpea decided that Jim wasn’t just walking around. Surely, he must be trying to find Aurora? Off she goes, to bring Aurora to Jim, and reunite the happy couple.
It was lovely to watch. Heading for an area between the two horses, she called them to her … and they came. Without hesitating, Aurora came from her corner, and Jim from his. Sweetpea handed out pats and was pleased that Jim knew where Aurora was, once again. Leaving them to get back to the business of being horses, sweetpea was also pleased that Jim had come to her so willingly. Funny thing was, though we’d assumed Jim had been searching for Aurora, as it turned out, he hadn’t been. It wasn’t very long, before he simply walked away from her, once again. We assumed, Jim needed Aurora. Jim had other ideas. Sometimes, Jim prefers a bit of alone time. He doesn’t need Auroras company twenty-four seven like we thought. He leaves and goes back to her, as the whim strikes him. They have the perfect relationship, those two. She puts up with his many, inappropriate touches and bumps, which is amazing. I still chuckle at her snarky mare faces, of which Jim is completely unaware of. It’s probably the reason they get along so well. Aurora’s empty threats, are truly without substance. She can’t even bluff her way to top dog. Oh yeah, what we hoped to have happen now does, and quite regularly. Jim answers when we call to him. Another milestone reached.

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