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Cow Tails

Convertibles and cows

What can be seen from the seat of a tall truck can be amazing, shocking, startling and many times, very amusing. The stories I could tell about what I’ve seen while driving semi, could fill a book, but I’m going to tell just one of them, for now anyway. Consider this your daily chuckle.
On hot, summer days, many truckers prefer their windows closed, and air conditioning on. I’m one of the few, who prefer the window open, as much as possible. In my opinion, summer is far too short. One must soak it in, as much as possible, even when barely moving along in rush hour traffic.
One particularly beautiful day, I was motoring along, headed into the city with a load of gravel, when I heard the guys talking on the c.b. radio, about a convertible full of rowdy girls. These girls had the top down, and were having a great deal of fun, flirting with all the truckers as they wove in and out of traffic. Of course, when they saw me instead of a man, they were at first surprised, then laughed and waved before continuing to weave in and out of traffic.
Despite their many lane changes, they ended up only a few vehicles ahead of me. They were alongside a livestock trailer hauling cattle. To my amusement, the girls appeared to think that cattle were, for some strange reason, funny. Personally, I didn’t see what about the cattle was worthy of so much laughter, but to each their own. When traffic stopped for a red light, they were still right beside the cattle hauler. Those girls were doing there best to ‘talk’ to the bovines, and were being all kinds of ridiculous in their attempts.
The light turned green, and traffic slowly moved forward. Then it happened. One minute the girls were laughing, goofing around, being ridiculous. The next they were being sprayed with, you guessed it, liquid cow pies. They went from hair blowing in the wind and laughter, to screams of horror and disgust. I know this, because I drive with the windows down. They were splattered in brown, and so was the white interior of the red convertible.
Now, maybe it’s mean-spirited, to laugh at someone else’s misfortune, but it was the funniest thing I had seen, in a very long time. Never mind funny, it was hilarious, absolutely hilarious. I laughed so hard, tears streamed from my eyes, and I wasn’t the only one. Everyone around was laughing, except for those girls.
They pulled over onto the shoulder even as the livestock hauler progressively shifted, and carried on, his merry way. I don’t know, if he was even aware of what happened, or if something like that could be considered an ‘uncontained’ load. Whatever it was, it was pretty funny.

  1. “Uncontained load”! That is brilliant!

  2. Lol that’s pretty funny. I wish I could have seen that.

  3. Thank you for the laugh. I could just picture those girls! Guess your off Facebook again. Have a great day:)

    • Thanks, and not off Facebook this time, but since this has nothing to do with horses at all, I figured I’d better not post on the Aged group.

  4. So hilarious, stuff happens! The wisdom of animals can ‘t be questioned.

  5. Been a long hot day of work – thanks for a much-needed laugh!

  6. I was almost certain the outcome of the story. I had a good laugh. Have a great rest of the day!

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