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A Tale of Tails

Gather around, and I’ll tell you a story. Back in March when I first joined, I was a complete Facebook novice, and probably still am. I started writing and posting my little ‘Tails’ more as a means of introducing myself than anything else. It’s funny how things sometimes work out. I always wanted to write a short story, yet try as I might, never could. Now I’m writing at least one a day, as Becky Thunder would say, a little, true vignette, and love it. If I had only known that I didn’t have to invent to entertain. All I had to do was, remember.
Yesterday, I recieved a notice from Facebook that my posts have been liked 40,000 times. Now, to me, that’s kind of a big deal. To me that says that you all enjoy the daily tails, and that makes me feel appreciated, like you can’t imagine. So much has happened over the last ten years, sad things, hard things, things that can get a person down, but this, this outpouring of ‘like and loves’ is a wonderful thing indeed. A few short months ago, I had no idea what writing a simple short story would do, how the ‘Tails’ would become such a big part of my life. That you would all encourage me to put together a book of them, that I would make some wonderful friendships that I already cherish, and get to know so many wonderful people. So yes, to me 40,000 likes is a big deal, and I thank each and every one of you who enjoy the daily ‘Tail’. It’s said that every journey begins with a single step. This one began with a single ‘Tail’, thanks to everyone who reads my short Tails, and now pre-ordering is available on my website for a book of Pony Tails & other short stories!

  1. congratulations. Those 40K plus likes are well deserved. Thank you for sharing <3

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Trudy Andrew lives on a small farm just east of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she enjoys her Morgan horses. A dreamer since she was a child, its no surprise to those who know her well that her imagination would find an outlet in writing, as it has in the past through artwork.
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