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Bargains are Best

Being a new parent and a horse owner, can have all kinds of unexpected benefits. When my son was born, I figured, why buy a tiny tube of Zincofax from the pharmacy, when I could buy a giant, peanutbutter-sized tub instead? It was a no-brainer. Of course, I would buy the giant tub. It’s pretty good stuff, great for rashes and rubs on horses as well as rashes on tiny bottoms. I’m a Manitoban. We love a deal. There’s little better than a bargain, especially when it’s something that actually comes in handy. It was far cheaper in the long run, to buy the tub, and I would have enough for kidlet and horses too.
I was absolutely right about picking up a tub of it from the vet, instead of the tiny tube that most people use. There were rashes on a little boy’s cute bum to soothe, horses with cracked heels and rubs to occasionally see to, and the tub still held a good deal of salve as the months passed by, where a tube would’ve been gone, several times over. This was a good thing, as baby number two, would likely have her share of Zincofax moments.
Kidlets grew as they’re prone to do. The little boychild was a year and a half when the girlchild was born, and he was a great help with her. You see, sweetpea wasn’t just our baby girl, she was his, too. He wanted to get things, help with things, and he was very protective of ‘his’ baby. He loved when she was bottle fed, as then he could feed her. He would run for a diaper, clothes, and the Zincofax. He was a great, little helper, and loved his baby sister.
One particular afternoon, when he was about two, he helped me get his baby sister ready for her afternoon nap. Afterwards, I left him in the livingroom, playing with his toy tractors, while I ran the wee one up to her crib. I wasn’t very long, maybe five minutes or so as I soothed a fussy, little girl to sleep. Creeping from the bedroom, I silently went back downstairs. The last thing I wanted to do was waken the tired, little mite, I’d only just gotten down. Now it was the boy’s turn. We would play for a little while, then he’d agreeably go for his nap.
Turning the corner into the livingroom, I was struck dumb, gobsmacked, robbed of speech and all rational thought. Before me was a sight I will remember, as long as I live. There before me was my darling, little boychild, covered head to toe in, you guessed it, Zincofax. The easy chair was covered, the sofa was too, and the pillows? Well, he couldn’t leave them out, now could he?
Turning his adorable, white smeared face to me, his smile was incredibly bright, “look mommy, me do,” he proudly stated, as he took in the mess he’d made, “me a good boy, yes?”
“Oh munchkin,” I wryly smiled, “not really. Let’s go get you cleaned up.”
“We play?”
“Not today, sweetie,” I shook my head. I couldn’t be upset with my little boy. After all, I was the one, who had left the salve where he could get at it.
“Me ride Chauncey yes?”
“Nope,” I sighed as I took in the work I had before me, “time for a nap, okay?”
“Otay,” he cheerfully agreed, hopping to his feet and ready to run by, only to have me catch him in mid-flight. Fascinated by the reflection looking back at him from the bathroom mirror a minute later, it was easy to see, how pleased he was with his handiwork. I got the precocious tyke off to bed, then spent the whole of their nap time, cleaning Zincofax off furniture. My massive tub of salve was completely empty, and I have one overwhelming point I remember very well about that day. Thank goodness for fabric treatment.

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