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As the daughter of Dutch immigrants who lived through the occupation of Holland during WW2. And married, to the son of a veteran, I am appreciative of the sacrifices those who stand up for what’s right have made for freedom. I wish I could have known my husband’s father. I grew up listening to the stories my a parents told. I would love to know his. We have a photograph of him, on an army-green Harley, in bombed Amsterdam, and it makes me wonder. Maybe someday, we’ll know what he did during the war. The rest of his brothers served together. He was sent elsewhere. Never spoke of it, even to them, and it remains a mystery. All we have, is the photo. But for people like them, I may not be here. My kids wouldn’t be here, and the world would be a different place. My parents wish for their children and grandchildren, was that they would never see war. Sadly, there are always ongoing atrocities and fighting going on somewhere. It takes countries like Canada, with principles and an eye towards keeping peace, to keep us all safe. Respect and support our military, and always remember that there are those who are willing to pay the ultimate price for freedom.

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  1. Amen. We have been fortunate to date to not have had to endure armies tramping back and forth across our lands. I am not so sure it will stay that way. Of course, now war will be waged with long range missles, chemicals and the drones. I only hope that we will rise to the occasion as well as our fathers did. And, my classmates did in the Vietnam era.

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